Preparing For Your Newborn Session



Newborn portraits are best done within 5-12 days of the baby being born. If the baby is ready to come home and mom is doing well, I prefer to photograph within the first week. During this first week, the baby is still very flexible from being in the womb and we can curl them in to all of the adorable poses that families have grown to love.

NOTE: Clients frequently ask me why I do not book newborn sessions once the baby has reached 2 weeks, and the answer is because of the fragility of the newborn. Once the baby has reached 2 weeks their bones are much more developed and we simply cannot achieve a lot of the posing you see. They are also much more aware and sensitive to noise and movement, so they are less likely to sleep. Therefore booking this session in the first 10 days is essential for successful posing.
As long as the baby would like. Our goal is to capture the baby while he/she is sleeping. Typically 2-3 hours is the most common length of time. If you are taking family portraits and siblings are included, it is recommended that they leave with a parent or Grandparents for the remainder of the session. The goal is to get the baby to sleep and since these sessions can last a long time, the little ones tend to get antsy which results in prolonging the session.
At a home studio in Vacaville. Everyone will need to remain the studio until the session is over. This is why I do family portraits in the very beginning of the session (just in case other family members decide to leave during solo time with baby). One thing to keep in mind is that I keep the studio VERY warm for the baby so please wear clothing that will allow you to be comfortable as well.
Many of the items you see on the website (i.e. baskets, blankets, fabrics, hats, head accessories and other simple props) I will have available. Based on the nursery and the parents personal style, I will have “looks” prepared for the session. Therefore please do not feel the need to bring props or accessories. You hired me based on my creative style and that is what I plan to provide. All I ask for are the basics below.
  • Basics – Plenty of diapers, wipes, receiving blankets and a pacifier.
  • Milk or formula readily available for baby. The baby will most likely eat multiple times throughout the session. 
A well fed baby is a happy sleepy baby! If you live near the studio please feed your baby prior to coming. The session can make the baby hungry so it is important to feed them to get them back to sleep. Make sure you get a good burp in! A baby with gas is not a happy baby and can result in lots of crying.

Don’t worry about baby acne or little scratches. These are easy to edit and are not a problem in any way. Also, remember to loosen the babies diaper prior to the session so there are not marks on their legs.

WILL YOU BE DOING FAMILY PORTRAITS? It is recommended that you wear black, white, or neutrals for these portraits as we like to keep it simple (please avoid attire with logos). The family photos will be done at the very beginning of the session. If siblings are included, it is recommended that they leave with Dad or the grandparents once their portraits are complete.

One final thing……DO NOT WORRY ABOUT ME. I have grown to become very patient and it is important to keep the baby in a relaxing and stress-free environment. I truly believe that newborns are very intuitive and can pick up on energy, so it is up to us to stay relaxed and calm. The final product will reflect our patience and the result will be worth it……I promise. If you have anymore questions please feel free to contact me.
***JAIMI LYNN PHOTOGRAPHY is fully licensed and insured with your childs safety as top priority. As your Photographer I’m also up to date on all vaccines including whooping cough and TDAP***
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